Iron short fender for hydraulic suspension/air suspension/lowdown vehicles (genuine suspension height) FXBR/FXBRS/FLFB/FLFBS

247,500  (Including tax)

※※Hydraulic vehicle height adjustment system for Slamtail M8※※

As the delivery date is currently undetermined, we are temporarily suspending pre-orders.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers who have been waiting.

If you would like hydraulic suspension, please contact us separately.

We have added a new iron short fender option!

Incorporating black denim paint, which was also used for the first time on the 2023 breakout model.

You can also choose a strut decorative plate as an option to make the black denim stand out even more!

TRIJYA iron short fender will continue to evolve. Please stay tuned! !


■ All domestically made steel rear fender kit.

Don't you like how it looks diagonally from behind?

The material is all steel. Therefore, it has a very sturdy finish. Tandem riding is no problem at all.

This is an ideal fender that combines attention to appearance and supple ride comfort.

The special seat has a comfortable seating position and the shape of the seat base, making it easy to rest your feet.

It is much easier to ride than the genuine seat.

Installation is completed with bolt-on.

ETC built-in BOX to make the lines of the bike look beautiful

We pay special attention to invisible parts such as fender nuts.

Of course, a brake light resistor is also included.

■Compatible models: 2018 and later FXBR/FXBRS (Breakout) *2023FXBR・FLFB/FLFBS (Fat Boy)

■If you have already purchased a tank stretch cover

If you have already purchased our tank stretch cover and are installing it in combination with a short iron fender.

This is a sheet for a tank stretch cover, so please be sure to select "Already purchased" in the options section when making your request.

■About vehicles equipped with tank stretch cover and heat guard

For vehicles equipped with heat guards, the tank stretch cover may not be installed depending on the installation condition.

Or it may be necessary to match the vehicle for processing.

■Applicable suspension

・Air suspension with hardness adjustment function for 2018 Softail

By adjusting the rebound after adjusting the compression

[Hardness adjustable] of the damper

It can be easily adjusted with a single switch, and can be adjusted to suit the rider's weight and road surface conditions.

Provides a comfortable ride

・Hydraulic vehicle height adjustment system for Slamtail M8 (currently delivery date undetermined)

The suspension is the same length as the original and is made so that it is at its lowest position when fully compressed.

It can be said that this fender is optimized for Slamtail, which is built into the genuine suspension.

 The miraculous styling and ride comfort can only be achieved by our company, which is a distributor of Slamtail.

**** About product arrival status ****

The popular "Hydraulic Vehicle Height Adjustment System" is currently difficult to obtain.

We regret to inform you that we have decided to postpone pre-orders for the time being.

Once we have enough stock, we will start selling again.

Thank you for your understanding.

・Lowdown suspension etc.

Each has adjustment values, so be sure to check and adjust the shock range of motion etc. when installing.

Please note that we cannot provide support for adjustments or assembly.

・Lowering kit for genuine shock, etc.

Each has adjustment values, so be sure to check and adjust the shock range of motion etc. when installing.

・LED tube lamp specifications

LED length 33cm

LED tube width 9mm