Privacy policy

[Protection policy of personal information]
In (WEALL inc. following our company), to comply with the customer's Personal Information Protection Law, and strive to protect the proper handling of personal information.
[Acquisition of personal information]
The Company, in order am allowed to collect personal information, identify the purpose of use, only the personal information necessary, will be collected by lawful and fair means.
[Purpose of use of personal information]
The Company, the acquired personal information, without your consent of, never to be used outside the scope of the purpose of use. It should be noted that the use of personal information is as follows.
• The answers to your questions or consultation you contact.
• Sales on guidance regarding our handling goods.
• our handling goods and materials of or related document shipping, sending.
• request of the questionnaire such as for the purpose of improving quality and improve on our services and products handled.
[Provided to third parties of personal information]
Company, except in the following cases, do not provide personal information to the person in question without the consent of a third party.
• If you are based on the laws and regulations.
• in the business conduct on the extent necessary, if for outsourcing destination, there is a need to provide personal information.
• In the subcontractors, to determine the proper handling of providing personal information, we will appropriate management.
• life, body, is necessary for the protection of the property, when it is difficult to take your consent.
[Management of personal information]
The Company, with respect to personal information handling in-house, does not have any way to be used in addition to various production business provided by the Company.
In addition, management of passwords, such as efforts to ensure the security, we will manage responsibly.